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~ "Karups Private Collection" Paysite Review: ~

Since 1997, Karup's Private Collection has been providing the largest online collection of amateur pornography to thousands of satisfied. This website can only be described as the original and the best amateur megasite.

Freetour offers: I was very impressed by the Karup's PC tour. The front page isn't exactly the best looking webpage, but it is informative. You quickly learn that Karup's features over 1 million photographs, featuring over 5500 different models. You'll also learn that over 4 thousand new pictures are added each week to the members' area. Don't miss the video and picture links towards the bottom of the page. On each of these, you'll be able to see the most recent updates to the webpage. Even though there are no large picture samples available, the picture update page will make you drool at the sheer volume of updates. The video page features video trailers for the last 10 updates!

General impression: Karup's PC has been around for a hell of a long time, and my first impression when I first came across this website was simply wow. And in all those years, not a lot has changed. This website is every bit as impressive as it has always been.

Opinion: When I arrive in a members' area for the first time, I always like to check out the updates. This is where you can find out if a website is really worth the monthly price. And I can tell you right now, Karup's PC is certainly worth the monthly asking price. You'll find an update every 1 or 2 days. When you consider that most good websites only update once per week, you begin to realize just how impressive this website is.

The picture sections are organized into 5 different collections, each with 2 or 3 categories of pictures. Don't worry, they're all separated, so it's very easy to find what you're after. The first collection features Amateurs, Models and Teens. The second collection has Asians, Exotics and Older Women. The third collection is where you'll find the hardcore content. That collection is separated into Anal, Guy/Girl and Blowjobs. In the 4th category, you'll find Girl/Girl and 3 or More. And finally, in the 5th collection, you'll find Girls With Toys, More Babes and More Sex.

I jumped right into the first collection. My eyes lit up when I saw the amount of content. 187 amateur albums. 191 model albums. 194 teen albums. "Wow" was the inevitable response. But it gets better. Here I was getting impressed by what I thought was just 572 image sets in just one of the collections. But it's so much more than that. Let me explain. In each amateur album, you'll find 9 galleries featuring 9 different girls. In the models and teens sections, you'll find 12 galleries in each album. That's 1683 amateur galleries. 2292 model galleries. 2328 teen galleries. That is over 6000 galleries in just one of the collections! Try not to forget that these collections are growing every week. The numbers I've mentioned are current as of December 29, 2005. By the time you read this, there will undoubtedly be even more galleries.

As you can imagine, given that Karup's PC has been around for so long, and technology has improved so much since 1997, there's quite a different in the quality of the older content and the newer stuff. For example, pictures in the earlier albums measure in with 600 pixels on the longest edge, whereas the more recent pictures are a very impressive 1024 pixels. In a way, this is a testament to just how long Karup's PC has been around, and it's great to see that they are moving with the times instead of continuing with older standards, like a lot of other websites do.

The next area of the website I checked out was the movie page. In there, at the time of this review, there are 191 albums. I recommend you check out the later videos first. The older video albums feature maybe 1 or 2 scenes per album of what is now low quality video (but was probably top of the pops back in its day), compared to 10 videos per album in the more recent albums, of almost DVD quality video.

Let's talk about video quality. As you would expect, it's a similar situation to the pictures. The older videos are of course of a lower quality than the newer videos. Just like with the pictures, Karup's have stepped up as technology has improved, continuing to offer members the best quality available. For example, I downloaded some of the older videos on the website. These videos were 320 x 240 pixels in dimensions, with a bitrate of about 400kbps. Now, back in the day, that was excellent quality. Certainly better than what most websites were offering. In fact, even today, you'll find new websites that only offer that level of quality. But as you would expect, Karup's have again stepped up and met the latest technology head on. Their later videos are twice the size, measuring in at 640 x 480 pixels, and have a bitrate of about 1000kbps. The result? You'd think you were watching this stuff directly from a DVD. The quality is superb.

To top everything off, you'll find the feeds and streams page. In here, you'll find links to heaps of bonus video feeds. And this stuff isn't cheap crap either. You'll find Hustler's Barely Legal and Hustler Platinum video feeds as well as links to Karup's very own webcam site. Personally, I prefer the content you'll find inside this members' area over any video feed, but they're a great bonus, in my opinion.

Sample Photo Galleries: Gallery #1 | Gallery #2 | Gallery #3 | Gallery #4 | Gallery #5

Final: Karup's has been managed to survive since 1997 because they are always striving to provide members with the best quality amateur content on the web. A website doesn't stay around for this long without being good. Trust me. I've seen countless websites come and go. The picture and video archives are incredibly huge. And with updates every 1 or 2 days, these archives are constantly growing. You guys know I've looked at a lot of porn, and been in more members' areas than I can count, and I can honestly say that Karup's PC is one of the best adult websites out there, and is the best amateur website by far! Join this one, guys. You won't be disappointed. Enjoy!

Membership: $29.95 30 days, $69.95 90 days. Other options: 1-900 phone, online check, mail-in. JOIN NOW!

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